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The As We Grow Show is a concert series for ALL AGES!

Every show is a spectacle. Alongside live, acoustic music we create sensory, theatrical moments in an environment that is welcoming to all.

Each show features different musicians and explores a diversity of instruments and styles. Our aim is to bring people together in a space that encourages community and inspires  imagination, at a time of day that is convenient for all ages.

Pre-pandemic we created our shows for indoor spaces (as you’ll see in our homepage video!). We’ve been working hard to safely adapt our performances and we’re super excited to now bring the experience to the great outdoors.


We are more than your average children’s music event. Our concerts showcase the best of Canadian talent, with music that is suitable for your children, but also very much for YOU, the adult in the equation.

We made this concert series because we ourselves wanted to attend events that were entertaining for everyone in the family fold - children, parents and friends, young and old.

We collaborate with musicians who have won awards and play at festivals around the world. They play their own music and it’s incredible to see the response from our youngest audiences experiencing these shows. 

Co-creators Chance Kellner and Anna Tierney share a mutual love of music, live theatre and creating nourishing community spaces and experiences.


Chance is a musician, violin teacher and mother to two wonderful noise-makers. Anna is an actor and theatre-maker from London, England now with firm roots in Toronto.


Both love the pure, bold, unapologetic imagination that comes with making shows for all ages

and are excited to share this musical experience with you.

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