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​The As We Grow show​ is a deeply meaningful experience for both infants and the adults who accompany them. This show sits firmly where the needs of both baby and adult intersect; stimulating the mind and senses of baby while providing a quality cultural experience for the adult. The show manages to captivate it’s entire audience and leaves us filled with wonder and joy.


- mom of 10 month old

The best baby show in history!

A delightful first introduction to music with real instruments for you and your baby that is bound to awaken
your child's senses to the exciting world of sound, lights and movement.

- mom of 2 year old

- grandmother of 2 year old

Our experience at The ​As We Grow Show​ was absolutely magical. The live music was incredible and watching not only my baby but other babies taking it all in was such a joy. It's hard to explain how all the elements (music, sensory objects, visuals) come together to make magic - you just have to go and experience it for yourselves!

- mom of 6 month old

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